IJP-8651 Wireless Game Controller Headset for Xbox 360 Transparent with Lights

XBOX 360 Controller  Wireless Headset for Microsoft Xbox 360 Console & PC Windows7/8/10 - Transparent shell + Key improvement + Three mode Dazzling LED

XBOX 360 Controller  Wireless Headset for Microsoft Xbox 360 Console & PC Windows7/8/10 - Transparent shell + Key improvement + Three mode Dazzling LED
Item: IJP-8651  
Product Parameters
1. Wireless connection: about 8 meters
2. Two AA batteries 3V power supply
3. Working voltage: DC 2.6-3.0V
4. Working current: 10-30mA
5. Vibratory current: 50 - 130mA
6. Transparent shell with seven LED flashing lights
1. Product features
1) Compatible with Xbox 360 console on all models, wireless 2.4GHz connection, wireless control distance is around 10m.
2) Compatible with PC through a PC receiver supporting system Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10/Vista), need install a driver.
3) Built-in with original IC and double sided PCB board.
4) Built-in with two asymmetric motors in left and right with double-shock force feedback function providing with multiple vibrating effects.
5) Configured with a jack for earphone and microphone input supporting the original Xbox 360 earphone, with sound output and chat online functions.
6) Max four wireless gamepads can be connected to Xbox 360 console simultaneously, four LEDs indicate four players.
7) Built-in with seven LEDs with blinking function which are controlled by a switch on the back of the gamepad.
8) High-transparent PC material case.
9) Working voltage: DC 2.6-3.0V, working current: 10-30mA, vibrating current: 50-130mA.
10) Dimension: 152*113*70mm, net weight: 212g. white box size: 16*7.5*11.5cm, weight: 0.267kg
2. Operable Button description
1) Digital keys:
D-Pad: Up, Down, Left, Right. Control on eight directions, comfortable and sensitive.
Control button: A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, LT, RT. Easily grasp, control characters’ abilities completely.
Function button: BACK, START, X. X button is navigation button.
2) Analog keys: LT, RT. Linear keys generate fast, slow, light and heavy effect according to pressure differences, it adopts the press-type theory of mechanical lever.
3) Analog axis: Left Analog Stick VR (Lx/ Ly), Right Analog Stick VR (Rx/ Ry). Asymmetrical analog stick design, 360° omnidirectional accurate operation, concave left stick and convex right stick prevent slipping.
4) Navigation button: Center X navigation button is a special digital input key for powering on Xbox 360 console and executing other commands etc.
3. LED blinking function description

4. Connecting instruction
1) Install battery to a gamepad;
2) Power on Xbox 360 console;
3) Power on the gamepad. Press and hold the navigation button till the gamepad is powered on.
4) Press the code pair button on the top of the gamepad, the four LEDs around the navigation button will be blinking quickly to search;
5) Press the code pair button on the Xbox 360 console, the four LED in the console will be blinking quickly to search; the first LED will be solid bright after the code pair is done. If four gamepads are connected to the console, then the four LEDs will be solid bright according to the connecting sequence.
Note: The battery can be 2*dry batteries or dedicated battery pack for Xbox 360, if battery power is too low, it may cause disconnection or affect LED blinking function, so better to replace the dry batteries or recharge the battery pack when battery power is running low.
5. Electric Parameters

Packaging & Shipping
Bubble bag packaging
QTY: 50 pcs/carton                     
N.W.: 15.6 kg                                        
G.W.: 16.8 kg                                  
MEAS: 57*42*36 cm